10 Amazing Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Star Trek: Voyager

2. The Maquis

Voyager Linda Hamilton

Despite a sizeable chunk of the crew being recruited from Chakotay's Maquis cell, the resistance group always felt more of a Deep Space Nine thing. Their squabbles were with that show's primary antagonists, their most famous member was formally assigned to the station itself, and ask any Star Trek fan what their best "Maquis episodes" were, and they'd be someway down the list before saying Learning Curve.

However despite their prominence on Deep Space Nine, and originally being mentioned both on that show and The Next Generation before Voyager had even premiered, they were written and conceived entirely for the upcoming adventures in the Delta Quadrant. In an incredibly rare example of Star Trek successfully navigating something across all 3 of its 90s shows, the seeds were planted purely for the benefit of a show that hadn't even made it to TV yet.

Pre-emptive Strike, The Next Generation's penultimate episode, was hastily written to showcase the group's power and give Ro Laren a possible route into Voyager; while Deep Space Nine's two-parter The Maquis not only fleshes out their story and structure but even has Sisko mention that several ships have "gone missing" in The Badlands.

Now, when it's apparently that easy to use one Star Trek to make other Star Treks look better, where the hell was the Enterprise-E in the Dominion War?

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