10 Amazing TV Cameos That Should've Happened (But Didn't)

Because it's a man's job to dream, and it's a studio exec's job to crush those dreams into fine powder.

Obama House Of Cards

One of the biggest benefits of a cameo is how much buzz it can create for a TV show that honestly needs it. I hadn't watched a single episode of Louie €“ a show I now love €“ until I saw a commercial of him coming face to face with Dane Cook. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Dane Cook or even Louie C.K.'s comedy, but the idea of seeing both of these rivals who are supposed to hate each other share the same screen gave me a fantastic reason to tune in. Thanks to that cameo, I fell in love with a great show that I would have otherwise ignored. It's guest appearances like these that get us excited for the next episode of shows we love, and some cameos become recurring (think Adam West on Family Guy). But there are some cameos we are still waiting to see that will probably never happen. For example did you know that President Obama was almost a cameo on House of Cards? An event like that would make the show an even bigger hit, but sadly, there's little chance we'll see hope and change making an appearance during Season 2. In honour of this and many other aborted cameos out there, here is a short list of some of the best cameos on TV that have sadly never happened.

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