10 Anime TV Shows That Are Perfect For Beginners

7. Steins;Gate

Steins Gate
Funimation Entertainment

Originally a video game, the Steins;Gate anime began airing in Japan in 2011. Following the eccentric scientist Okabe, the naïve Mayuri and hacker Daru, the gang - known as the Future Gadget Research Laboratory - spend most of their time in the laboratory inventing makeshift gadgets from old hairdryers and microwaves.

The show really starts getting interesting once the group accidentally invent the Phone Microwave, a seemingly useless device that melts bananas into green goo, and also allows text messages to be sent back in time, dramatically altering current events and effecting the timeline in unforeseeable ways.

Why It€™'s Perfect For Beginners: Though there are only 24 episodes, Steins;Gate manages to cover a lot of ground; it can be hilarious at times as well as downright disturbing, simultaneously both emotionally engaging and comically entertaining. There€™s sure to be something for everyone.

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