10 Assassination Attempts That Were Shown On Television

9. Hamid Karzai

Hamid Karzai is the 12th (and current) President of Afghanistan, and has had multiple assassination attempts on his life throughout his political career. One of the most notable of these attempts was in April 2008, when insurgents allegedly from the Haqqani network attacked a military parade that Karzai was attending.

Three Taliban attackers used automatic weapons and RPGs, firing openly on the parade near where Karzai was located. Karzai himself was unharmed from the incident, but three bystanders were killed and ten seriously injured. The event was covered live on television, although it was cut off shortly after the first few shots were fired.

Taliban spokesman Zabiulla Mujahid later claimed that they, "just wanted to show to the world that we can attack anywhere we want to."

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