10 Australian TV Dramas The Rest Of The World Hardly Knew About

The SullivansTV drama has been produced in Australia since the late 1950s. Over the years, they've been set in cities and rural locales, hospitals and police stations, courthouses, schools, shopping malls, TV stations, caravan parks, block of flats and suburban streets, with those revolving around police, doctors and/or country towns both the most prevalent and the most popular. In the UK and the US it's not uncommon for dramas and soaps to be in production for upwards of forty or fifty years, but here in Australia, eleven or twelve years is considered "long-running". Our longest running dramas, by a long chalk, are Home And Away and Neighbours - dinosaurs of the local TV landscape as they enter their 27th and 30th years respectively. In the UK both are instantly recognised as Australian soaps, but there were loads of locally-made dramas before the Neighbours juggernaut that barely generated a blip offshore and there's also been plenty of others since. Aside from Prisoner (aka Cell Block H) taking off in the UK just as it was ending in Australia, nothing else has replicated the UK success of Neighbours and Home & Away. In fact most failed to secure a substantial overseas audience at all. Some were trailblazers that challenged social mores and pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable on television, so daring and outrageous that they couldn't have been screened anywhere but Australia. Some attempted to emulate the glitz and glamour of overseas soaps, while others inspired their own overseas remakes. Some were just plain awful. Here are ten of them...
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