10 Awesome Authors Every Game of Thrones Fan Needs to Read

red wedding So you like Game of Thrones huh? And you thought you€™d read the books as well to see how it finishes? Yeah, a bit of a problem that really. And it€™s not good news either, the man took five years to complete the last book, and to be honest I've seen continents move faster than he writes. But as a silver lining it does mean that you have a lot of time to read some other authors, so I€™ve put together a list of excellent writers for you to try, some old, some new, some borrowed, some blu- no, wait a second that€™s not right. Anyway, as the saying goes, if you like George R R Martin, you€™ll love these. IMPORTANT NOTE: These are in no particular order. It€™s impossible to say one writer is better than the other as it€™s all a matter of personal preference, so don€™t read anything into where they appear on this list. No, seriously, don€™t- I€™m wasting my time here aren€™t I? Go on then, make up your own minds.

10. Robert Jordan

wheel of time Let€™s start with an easy one. Jordan€™s Wheel of Time is a colossus of epic fantasy, and has probably sold more than any other since Lord of The Rings. This fourteen book series focuses on Rand al€™Thor and the possibility that he might be the Dragon Reborn. Why's that important? Well, the Dragon Reborn is the only one who can save the world from the Dark One. Sounds simple when you put it like that but it€™s a bit like saying humans have done some things in the past five thousand years. There is absolutely masses in here, but I haven€™t got enough room here to explain in anywhere enough detail for it to make sense. With everything that goes on in the Wheel of Time it can be a bit cumbersome at times, and with multiple point of view characters it can take a long time to get back to your favourite once Jordan moves on to the next person. However, the richness and sheer depth of the Wheel of Time means that this is a series that is extremely satisfying. And despite it being fourteen novels long, it is at least finished and published, so there€™s no kicking your heels waiting for the next one.


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