10 TV Shows That Abandoned Awesome Ideas Halfway Through

The biggest missed opportunities on the small screen, from Lost to Buffy.

Oz Buffy
Mutant Enemy

The creation of a great TV show is like a well-oiled machine, made up of numerous moving parts that have to work together fluidly in order for the series to reach its full potential. Unfortunately, this harmony is never guaranteed, and from time to time a moving part breaks.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course. Breaking Bad, for example, was hindered by the 2007 Writers' Strike, but the brief hiatus gave its crew time to perfect their ingredients, and it's now regarded as one of the greatest shows ever made. But not every show is Breaking Bad.

The following shows all dropped great developments partway through their runs, whether it was because an actor wanted to leave or because the writers simply forgot about plotlines they'd set in motion. Not all of them are devastating to their show, but the wasted potential is difficult to overlook.

With that in mind, then, here are 10 awesome ideas dropped by TV shows and never picked up again, for better and for worse. This article will contain major spoilers for each series discussed.

10. Libby's Past - Lost

Oz Buffy

When she was introduced in the masterful second season of Lost, Libby instantly struck a chord with audiences, thanks in large part to her kindness, mental fortitude and budding romance with the ever-lovable Hurley.

Initially a minor character before she assimilated into the main group, Libby's role soon became more prominent, and her past became a lingering question hovering over the show as it was revealed she was once committed to the same psychiatric hospital as her new beau.

Her mysterious connection to Hurley was a source of much discussion for fans, particularly given the mystical twists of Hurley's tragic history, but Lost dramatically dropped the story when Libby was accidentally shot dead by a desperate Michael.

With Libby's death, so died her story, which was shaping up to be an intriguing chapter in Lost's twisty melodrama. The series dropped many storylines through its run, but this one might honestly be the most irritating; she deserved so much more.


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