10 Awesome Moments That Made Better Call Saul Unmissable

B is for... brilliant.

When news of the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul was first announced it's safe to say that more than a few fans of Vince Gilligan's classic drama were apprehensive about how it would turn out. After all, spin-offs have a tendency to be considerably inferior to the source material which inspired them. Plenty of people certainly breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out it wasn't going to be a half hour sitcom, but once the first episode hit television screens those sighs turned into collective cheers as it became immediately apparent that Better Call Saul wasn't about to disappoint anyone. And as the series progressed, filling in the backstory of Breaking Bad characters Jimmy McGill (aka Saul Goodman) and Mike Ehrmantraut as well as introducing a host of new faces, the true high calibre of the show really started to shine through. Blending a combination of drama and comedy perfectly (with a stronger emphasis on the former), not only is Better Call Saul solid proof that not all spin-offs turn out terribly, but also proof that, Breaking Bad aside, it is a series which stands up in its own right as some of the best television in recent years, with far more depth and appeal than even the optimists could have hoped for. Here are ten awesome moments from the first season of Better Call Saul which helped to make it so amazing - Season 2 couldn't come sooner. It goes without saying, if you aren't up to date withSeason 1 we're about to enter SPOILER ALERT territory.

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