10 Awesome Performances Trapped In TERRIBLE TV Shows

9. Jessica Henwick - Iron Fist

Wednesday Jenna Ortega

Netflix's Marvel shows were a massively mixed bag on the whole, and Iron Fist was generally accepted to be the worst of the lot - especially in its dreadful first season.

The problems? First and foremost, the show failed to make its titular hero, Danny Rand (Finn Jones), a particularly compelling character, while the 13-episode first season was an absolute slog due to terrible pacing and an overabundance of saggy, uninteresting subplots.

But perhaps worst of all, the action sequences were routinely awful, shot without any filmmaking flair whatsoever and too often resorting to choppy editing to try and make things appear more exciting.

Yet critics and fans alike were united in singling out a single successful aspect of the series: Jessica Henwick's stellar performance as martial artist Colleen Wing.

Both in terms of her dramatic chops and physicality in the show's action scenes, Henwick proved to be considerably more likeable and interesting than Danny Rand, enough that some questioned why she wasn't just cast as Iron Fist in the first place.

Despite the general fan love for Henwick's work on the show, though, the actress doesn't seem all that enthusiastic to reprise the role in potential future MCU projects.

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