10 Awesome Pitches To Extend TV Shows (That Sadly Never Happened)

Fans can dream, right?

Zapp Branigan Futurama

With the current success of binge-friendly streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, it's fair to say that TV is offering viewers more choice and diversity than ever before. It is an undeniable peak era for the medium, a boom period that's only sure to further expand over the coming years.

However, that doesn't mean that viewers have forgotten about their favourite classic shows from years past which, for one reason or another, were curtailed before fans were quite ready to say goodbye to them.

Sure, some of these shows ended with graceful, logical finales while others were unceremoniously ditched by a fed-up network. But each had plenty more left in the tank, by way of a sequel, spin-off, or additional season that was readily pitched by the creatives in charge, but the bean-counters never had the confidence or bravery to give them the green light.

These pitches absolutely had the potential to continue their respective shows in creative and fascinating style. Just imagine if, say, Frasier or Better Call Saul had never been commissioned: the world would've missed out on a ton of quality TV that only deepened the original series.

These proposed continuations posed the same promise, but sadly, it seems that the window of opportunity for most all of them has long closed.


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