10 Awesome TV Shows With One Awful Character

Admit it, you groan every time they show up.

The Walking Dead Lori

So many terrific TV shows have that one character. You know the one. The one who makes you sigh every time they appear, be they a supporting idiot or an irritating member of the main cast.

It's staggering that shows can muster so much acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and yet have one major weak link among the character line-up - that one smug, boring, or straight-up annoying character you're actively rooting for to die (or at least be written out).

To some, they might be reason enough to stop watching, while to others they're a poison pill, an unfortunate necessity in TV of an otherwise mostly high standard.

10. Debra Morgan - Dexter

Dexter Debra Morgan

Alright, so Dexter's first-half was a lot more awesome than its second, but it was still a great sit overall, no?

However, Dexter's sister Debra almost single-handedly derailed the show on numerous occasions, because even if you can buy the fact that she, a decorated detective, couldn't figure out her brother was a murderer hiding in plain sight, there's the other big truth to swallow down: she's just plain irritating to watch.

From her unnecessary, excessive profanity to her generally whiny attitude and smug air of obnoxious superiority, there was little fan sympathy when she was finally killed off - surely far from the poignant send-off the writers were hoping for.

Giving Dexter a diametrically opposed sibling wasn't inherently a bad idea, but Christ, did she have to be so grating to watch?


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