10 Awful TV Finales Breaking Bad Must Vanquish

Breaking Bad The end is nigh! We can deny it all we want, but eventually we must face the truth: on September 29th, Breaking Bad is going to be finished. No longer will we be able to look forward to the further adventures of our favorite high-school-science-teacher-turned-drug-lord. Will other shows arise to fill this terrible emptiness? Let's hope so. Relatively new titles like Orphan Black and Homeland have a lot of promise. Still, nothing is going to ever replace Vince Gilligan's television masterpiece. It's entertaining and exciting, but also smart and soul crushing. The cinematography, sound design, music, acting, etc. etc. are utterly top notch. Many proclaim Breaking Bad to be the greatest TV series of all time. That statement sounds hyperbolic... to anyone who has never seen the show. But the race isn't over yet. Breaking Bad still has its finale, waiting at the end of these upcoming eight episodes. Any missteps will result in rabid rage from an enormous fan base. For Walter White to truly claim the Greatest TV Series throne, the finale has be to sublime. In the past, we've seen some finales that were great, and some that weren't so great. Man, talk about pressure. Breaking Bad first aired in January of 2008. For five years, the show has provided employment for dozens of people while using up millions of dollars. Its audience is spread across the planet. How do you come up with an ending worthy of all that? Presented now are ten finales that Breaking Bad will have to beat. With one exception, each of these concluded after the year 2000, when this magical age of television was in full swing. Also, each of them ran for at least five seasons, and each ended "on purpose," as opposed to airing a final episode without knowing it was the final episode (a la Veronica Mars). I'd like to thank my good friend Roland for his assistance on this list. He was able to give me info for a couple of shows I haven't yet seen.
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