10 Battlestar Galactica Twists You Never Saw Coming

In space, nobody can hear you subvert science-fiction fans expectations.

Battlestar Galactica Cally

In 2003 Ronald Moore brought us a new version of the 1970's classic science fiction romp Battlestar Galactica and from the start it was very, very different to what fans were expecting.

Gone was the cheerful tone and reliance on swell hair-cuts. Gone were the fancy costumes and the clunky props. This was a whole new take on the story of the exodus to the stars.

Grim, gritty and set deep with military realism, the reimagining of Galactica was meant to be an allegory for the modern US in the aftermath of the turn of the century.

Social and economic changes were transforming the landscape and this show intended to capture the sense of loss, confusion and struggle that the world faced.

Somewhat like reality, this story of the fleeing caravan would twist, turn and surprise with almost every possible opportunity. So here are ten times that Battlestar Galactica surprised fans in a way that they did not see coming.

10. The Cylon Raider

Battlestar Galactica Cally

In 2003 an ambitious mini-series reimagining the half-remembered 1980's science-fiction series Battlestar Galactica hit screens and fans of the original had no idea what was about to happen to them. Despite the apparent drabness of the militarily realistic setting, this series was packed with imaginative reinventions of the classic series and nowhere was this more apparent than in the new appearance of the Cylons.

The human-Cylon Number 6 was amongst the first few images that we saw in this series, so the appearance of human-Cylons later on wasn't too surprising. But the next form of Cylon we saw were the insidious Raiders, their long pointed wings in a circular pattern homage to the shape of the rounder classic craft. Two of these craft were swooping towards the disabled fighters of Galactica's deployed Vipers.

Then it's main eye opened.

A simple redesign of the frame had instead become a completely new creature. A sentient fighter-craft whose instincts were wired into its very frame. While it was subtle, this was a gasp-out-loud moment for those seeing this new version of a classic.


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