10 Best 100th Episodes Of TV Shows Ever

10. Parks And Rec - Second Chunce

Parks and Rec Second Chunce

As 100th episodes go, especially for an NBC sitcom, Parks and Rec's Second Chunce feels like a little bit more of a low-key affair, but that's certainly not a bad thing. And if the scale is smaller, it makes up for it by serving as an essential component in the show's turn towards its eventual endgame.

The plotline sees Ben and Leslie going on holiday to Paris, Ann and Chris learn the sex of their baby, and Tom finally realises his business RENT-A-SWAG is over, but what particularly makes this stand out as a special episode is what it represents to Leslie.

It's here she realises her political goals could and perhaps should be bigger than Pawnee, and that she really is ready to move on. Coupled with the progression for a number of other characters, and a check-in with so many of the Pawnee townspeople who helped make the setting feel so real and lived in, and you've got a milestone episode that is more concerned with the future than the past, and that itself is cause for celebration.


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