10 Best Animated TV Shows Of The 2010s

The 2010s saw the debuts of Rick and Morty, Adventure Time AND Bojack Horseman!

Rick and Morty
Adult Swim

What's really admirable about the animated shows of the 2010s is the risks they took, and how well they paid off. 10 years ago, if someone pitched to you a television series about a has-been celebrity horse with depression or a cartoon entailing the horrors of puberty, you'd never believe they could be successful on the small screen.

However, if you have well-written characters, intelligent dialogue and relevant themes included, then these potentially 'sillier' types of concepts are more than possible.

It's also worth noting how animation changed in the 2010s. Various technological leaps meant that the cartoons of that decade were overflowing with gorgeous visuals and breathtaking sequences. It has overall become another reason to love the medium of animation.

It's time to look back at the best animated shows of the 2010s, some of which will no doubt be called classics in a few years time.

10. The Amazing World Of Gumball

Rick and Morty
Cartoon Network

If you wanted to know what a wild imagination looked like, then look no further than The Amazing World of Gumball.

Set in the fictional city of Elmore, anyone can be anybody, everything can be anything. Creator Ben Bocquelet pulled together characters that were rejected from his previous works and united them for the show. And for such a ridiculous concept, he pulled it off marvellously.

The city of Elmore gives you a huge range of idiosyncratic characters, starting with Gumball Watterson – a blue cat. His family is comprised of his adoptive brother and best friend Darwin (a fish with four legs), alongside a fellow blue cat for his mother and two pink rabbits as his respective father and younger sister.

In a world with such unique inhabitants, some crazy antics naturally follow. The lively atmosphere of Elmore is made all the more expressive by how it showcases several different art styles, with CGI, puppetry, live action and stop motion, among others, all featuring at one stage or another.

By now, you’ve probably figured out why the series is called The Amazing World of Gumball.


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