10 Best British TV Shows Of 2018

6. Strictly Come Dancing

Bodyguard Julia Montague
BBC/Guy Levy

Winter just wouldn't be the same without television mainstay Strictly Come Dancing, and the sixteenth outing proved to be one of the BBC flagship reality series' greatest yet. When the line-up of competing celebrities was initially revealed, there was a bit of forore over the lack of recognisable participants, but once the (glitter) ball got rolling, this all subsided, as the nation took most of the celebs into their hearts.

There wasn't a dull moment across the 13 weeks, and there were plenty of unforgettable performances along the way, from broadcaster Stacey Dooley's Doctor Who-themed Tango during the Halloween special, to YouTube sensation Joe Sugg's spectacular Quickstep in Blackpool's Tower Ballroom.

Amid all of the enjoyment there was the usual controversy regarding some of the contestants having had previous dance experience, but even that wasn't enough to soil the phenomenal season, which did exactly what it set out to do: entertain.

Strictly was once again a ratings hit for the BBC, averaging out at 11 million viewers per episode. After a tough final - which saw several outstanding dances - it was Stacey Dooley that was crowned the sixteenth Strictly Come Dancing champion. An exceptionally enjoyable series from start to finish, and the BBC is going to have its work cut out for it in exceeding this one next year.

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