10 Best Characters From Michael Schur TV Shows 

Putting Parks and Rec, The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine head to head! 


Not everyone knows the name Michael Schur, but you will absolutely know his work. He is one of the creative minds behind some of TV's best and most popular comedy series over the last 15 years, all but one of which were on NBC. However, even that one series eventually made the migration to Schur's ancestral home after a few seasons on FOX.

The American version of The Office. Parks and Recreation. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Good Place. These series have given viewers around the world some of the best TV characters ever to grace screens, including The Office's Mose Schrute who Schur himself played. Unique, engaging and funny characters have defined these series, as well as Schur's career, and won the hearts of audiences around the globe.

His characters have captured the cultural zeitgeist, changing the way sitcoms are perceived and what fans expect from the genre. Plus, they're just really funny, and make rewatching his work over and over again so damn appealing.

10. Captain Raymond Holt (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)


A good series needs to start with a moment that upends the status quo. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, that's the arrival of Captain Raymond Holt, a no-nonsense leader that takes the precinct in a far different direction than his predecessor.

Holt rose through the ranks of the NYPD as a gay African American and suffered hardships because of that along the way, which impacted his style of leadership and view on life. He starts the series as a robot who rarely emotes but grows into being a father figure for his team as well as a source of some really absurd comedy.

He inspires as a commanding officer while making fans laugh with his antics. In fact, the flashbacks to his past as a heroic, almost action movie-esque detective are some of the best moments in the early seasons. Past Ray's mustache is worth the price of admission alone.


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