10 Best Death Scenes In Recent Horror TV Shows

Death is never fun, and these characters learned that the hard way!

Stranger Things Chrissy Death Scene

Character death in horror TV is about as common as taxes and, well, death. If you go into a horror TV show expecting all your favourite characters to make it out unscathed, then you need to make sure you look both ways before crossing the street because you're clearly unobservant.

Throughout the medium of television, characters have died left, right and centre. Some of these demises are emotional and harrowing, whereas others have been gruesome and downright gross. However, every now and again, a character's death manages to make an impact by delivering a horrid yet poignant combination of the two.

The last decade of horror TV has been no stranger to allowing the grim reaper to step in, and the following deaths are a pure indication of how brilliant the swing of their scythe can be - even if it breaks your heart.


There will be some rather predictable spoilers for the following shows: Chucky, Cabinet of Curiosities, The Sandman, Creepshow, Alice in Borderland, All Of Us Are Dead, Midnight Mass, Squid Game, Stranger Things, and The Haunting of Hill House.

10. Chucky - Principal McVey

Stranger Things Chrissy Death Scene

Taking an infamous slasher villain and giving them a TV show was a very risky move, but, boy howdy, it has paid off with Chucky! The series based on this killer kid's toy has been an utter blast and a real return to form for the classic baddie, and a big reason for that has to be the kills.

All of the kills in this show are gruesome, but some go above and beyond. This horrendous murder is easily one of them as it gains its spot here purely thanks to how goofy, hilarious and twisted it is.

Principal McVey was a woman who just wanted to do her job well, but during a town hall meeting, she became a victim of the titular killer. She was decapitated off-screen, and her head was thrown through the curtains while the song "Heads Will Roll" played - ooh, original. As Chucky manically drew the curtains, the body of McVey was revealed, headless and holding two thumbs up.

This death remembered what made the Chucky series fun in the first place and was more than willing to play into the campy nature of the character. Overall, it created a horror moment you won't soon forget.

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