10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

Don't sleep on Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities.

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If you've been paying attention at all, 2022 has been quite a banner year for horror across both film and TV.

But TV has a natural advantage over cinema, given its larger, more expansive canvas to tell stories that truly seep into the viewer's skin and leave them unsettled for days, weeks, or even months afterwards.

And the last year has seen more quality horror shows come down the pike than any reasonable person can possibly keep track of, but after poring over the lot of them, which ones truly rise to the top?

These 10 TV shows represent the very best in small-screen horror over the last 12 months, from an incredible international zombie show to the latest offering from a horror legend, a surprisingly brilliant reimagining of a classic IP, a killer anthology series, and everything in-between.

Whether you were craving brutal gore, thoughtful storytelling, rich characters, or somehow all of the above, the last year in horror TV more than delivered, making a case that it's the most comfortable home for cutting-edge filmmakers working in the genre.

2023 isn't looking too shabby itself, but it'll need to turn in some major masterpieces to match this lot...

10. All Of Us Are Dead

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South Korean TV has certainly been having quite the moment as of late, and though it wasn't quite a Squid Game-level phenomenon, Netflix's new zombie series All of Us Are Dead was nevertheless a well-deserved word-of-mouth hit.

Focused on a group of high schoolers fighting to survive when a fleet of the undead ambushes their school, this is a singular mix of coming-of-age teen drama and gnarly gore-fest.

Though the 12 episodes are each rather long, nobody's going to complain that the show lacks in action: thrilling set-pieces abound in basically every single episode, with the unique spatial geography of the school setting helping create a zombie series like no other.

The massive ensemble cast is uniformly excellent, and the series' expanded length ensures the audience is fully endeared to them - as is important when their numbers start dwindling.

To its credit, the show also sidesteps sentimental cliches and regularly dispenses with fan favourite characters totally out of nowhere, ensuring All of Us Are Dead is an affectingly unpredictable ride.

And best of all, season two was recently given the green light.


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