10 Best Minor Stargate SG-1 Characters

From Goa'uld System Lords to those troublesome bureaucrats and charming puppets...

Stargate Thor

While Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, and Teal'c explored the stars for more than two hundred episodes of classic sci-fi, they encountered dozens of friends, foes, and familiar faces along the way.

With a galaxy full of hostile forces, unexplored cities, and long-forgotten civilisations to discover, the team would frequently cross paths with an enemy they'd fought before or enlist the help of a friend from seasons past.

Some of these can be a bit forgettable, some were just in service of the plot, but just enough of them are either powerful presences or funny enough to justify a comeback.

Characters like General Jacob Carter and Bra'tac kept the soul of the show alive through their frequent appearances, but what about those who only had a few outings? Just a couple of showings?

Spanning the shows 10 full seasons - and length and breadth of the galaxy itself - here are ten of the best minor characters that appeared in Stargate SG-1.

10. Osiris/Sarah Gardner (Anna-Louise Plowman)

Stargate Thor

Introduced in the fourth season and appearing a handful of times afterwards, Dr. Sarah Gardner was an old flame of Daniel Jackson's and they are reacquainted at the funeral of their old Egyptology professor. While getting to know one another again, Daniel discovers that their professor was working on was an ancient Goa'uld containment jar, which had a living symbiote in it. But that symbiote is missing.

It would later be revealed that the symbiote was inside Sarah, she was possessed by Osiris, who threw in her lot with Anubis, the most powerful of the Goa'uld. She would represent his interests several times and prove a foil to Daniel Jackson in particular. Eventually, after several years of possession, Daniel was able to rescue Sarah and release her from the clutches of Osiris, allowing her to live a normal life again.

Anna-Louise Plowman's portrayal of Sarah/Osiris was both charming and ruthless and it's a shame she didn't get a few more appearances.


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