10 Best Mirror Universe Characters In Star Trek

Every Trekkie knows, if you see Spock with a goatee, he's EVIL!!!

Spock Star Trek

Star Trek has always broken new ground across its many series and films, but one of the most fascinating element has got to be the so-called Mirror Universe. Ever since Captain Kirk managed to find himself in the Mirror Universe via the episode “Mirror, Mirror,” evil doppelgangers have been mucking up Starfleet, and they continue to do so.

For the most part, a Terran duplicate is truly antithetical to their Prime Universe counterpart. For example, Kirk assassinated Christopher Pike to take his place as the Captain of the ISS Enterprise, and he was a homicidal maniac.

Over the years, the Mirror Universe has been visited, or its denizens have visited the Prime Universe numerous times. Deep Space Nine had quite a few run-ins with Mirror Universe counterparts. There was even a crossover in Enterprise, which placed it canonically earlier than Kirk’s experience.

Because it’s so much fun to reimagine a “good” character as “evil,” the fans have their favorite versions of Mirror Universe characters. There are tons of them across multiple series, but which is the best? This list aims to find out by looking over every Mirror Universe episode to find the best evil doppelganger, whether they have a goatee or not!

10. Empress Hoshi Sato

Spock Star Trek
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The first foray Starfleet took into the Mirror Universe may have come in the Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror," but canonically, a crossover occurred a century prior during the events of Enterprise. At that time, the Terran Empire wasn't as developed as it would be in the 23rd century.

Terrans had conquered numerous species, including the Vulcans, Andorians, and others in nearby space. Commander Jonathan Archer served as second in command of the ISS Enterprise before taking command of the USS Defiant, a starship from the Prime Universe that came from the 23rd century.

When this happened, his communications officer, Lieutenant Hoshi Sato, came along with plans of her own. She seduced and poisoned Archer, taking command of the Defiant herself. She then proclaimed herself "Empress Hoshi Sato" and took over the Terran Empire with her technologically superior starship. While the TV series' exploits of Empress Sato ended there, her story continued in a Mirror Universe novel.

The Sorrows of Empire detailed how the Sato dynasty continued for more than a century through the use of binary clones of the Empress. This effectively left the same person in command, as the clones were "nothing more than copies of the biggest narcissist in galactic history."


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