10 Best New Cartoons Of The Decade

Some old favourites are still going strong, but who represents the best of the newbies?

Adult Swim

Cartoons, like Pokémon, Dairylea Lunchables and giggling when you’re not supposed to, represent a part of childhood some people refuse to grow out of. If that’s you, the 2010s have kept you well stocked with new material.

With the birth of mainstream streaming (mainstreaming?), there’s been a plethora of cartoons debuting this decade, as well as loads to enjoy on traditional television too.

Not that cartoons are just for kids, necessarily. While some do feed into the childish sense of humour, others tackle more adult, serious and gritty issues. Heck, many do both, and do it seamlessly. Animation gives directors and writers much more scope to tell their stories, and that lets them run wild. There’s been some brilliant high-concept episodes this decade which prove just how malleable they format is as well. Hell, surreal animation has been the name of the game recently.

Anime style cartoons, even those which broke out into the West like Attack On Titan, have been discounted here though. They’re cartoons, sure, but they probably deserve a list unto themselves. Anything else is fair game though, with the 2010s serving up some fantastic cartoons.


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