10 Best New TV Shows Of 2017


Best New TV Shows 2017

Peak TV appeared to hit its zenith in 2016, with a reported 455 scripted shows airing across various networks and streaming services, but there's a chance 2017 has actually outdone it.

There's no exact number yet, but estimates early in the year suggested it could hit close to 500, and at times it's felt less like Peak TV, more like Too-Much TV. Netflix dropped an original series seemingly every week, Amazon and Hulu did their best to catch-up, and the more established networks and cable channels kept on producing content at a startling rate as each attempted to outdo the others.

Among these were, of course, plenty of returning favourites, from behemoths Game of Thrones and Stranger Things to critical darlings The Leftovers and The Americans, but there were numerous newcomers to the TV landscape as well. Some have crashed and burned, like NBC's DC universe-set Powerless or Marvel's Inhumans, while others have proved either middle-of-the-road or very divisive (looking at you, Star Trek: Discovery).

Some, though, have really broken through. Whether just great one-offs or the start of something potentially very special, these are the new TV shows that truly shone in 2017.


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