10 Best New TV Shows Of 2018

5. Homecoming

Julia Roberts Homecoming

With Julia Roberts making her lead TV debut, the backing of Amazon, and being created by the mastermind of Mr Robot, Sam Esmail, hopes were understandably high for Homecoming. Thankfully, it was able to meet them.

The star of the show is undoubtedly Roberts; it's great to see her in a truly meaty role here, and she gets the chance to show off her range in a way she hasn't in years. She's supported here by the likes of Stephen James, Shea Whigham, and Bobby Cannavale, the latter once again proving he's a terribly underused actor.

Added to that is the style Esmail brings. He directs this like a 70s conspiracy thriller in terms of its central mystery - which will keep you guessing throughout its 10 episodes - but also brings so much of the dazzling visual pizzaz that made people take notice of Mr Robot. This time, though, his flashy tendencies are reined in by the show's secret weapon: the fact each episode is only 30-minutes long. That means each one is tight, taut, and absolutely zips by.


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