10 Best Recurring Parks And Recreation Characters

You can't have a great show without a deep cast of secondary characters that steal every scene.


What conceptually started as a spin off of the American version of The Office quickly gained a reputation of its own for over-the-top comedy and incredibly engaging characters.

Parks and Recreation was stacked with characters like Leslie Knope, April Ludgate and Donna Meagle, though few have reached the mythical status of Ron Swanson. It was truly one of the greatest ensembles in sitcom history.

But as great as the main cast was, Parks and Rec just wouldn't have worked without the incredible crew of recurring characters filling out so many stories. As ridiculous as the main characters were, their secondary characters were a sight to behold.

The world of municipal government brings out the weirdos, no matter what city you're in, and Pawnee, Indiana was no exception.


10. Orin


April Ludgate was the edgiest member of the Parks Department. Her brooding nature combined with her wit and sarcasm made her the perfect watchdog for the gate to Ron Swanson. But as frightening as many people, especially Jerry, found her, more were scared of her friend, Orin.

Stoic and silent, Orin lurked in the back of scenes, casting his gaze over the rest of the cast. Viewers never witnessed him speaking but the interactions between him and other Parks and Rec characters left marks all over the show. It was an understanding between Parks team that you only spoke to him in pairs, just to be on the safe side.

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