10 Best Rick And Morty Episodes

A series of highs and more highs, what are the best episodes that this adult cartoon has to offer?


With the impressive fourth season of this hit science-fiction cartoon still fresh in our minds, it seems like the perfect time to go back through the history of the show's forty-one episode run and discuss which of them ranks highest in terms of quality.

Rick and Morty as a show teaches us a lot about how adult cartoons can have a significant cultural impact. Colloquialisms from the series have etched their way into the conscious mind of the mainstream, and even after four seasons, every new episode generates an impact.

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's ambitious series shows that a cartoon can have a mixture of genuine scientific knowledge, crude and abrasive humour and moments of real sadness without feeling contrived.

Thanks to Dan Harmon's adaptation of the heroes journey into what he calls the 'Story Circle', a streamlining of the classic storytelling structure, he generated a show that has a great structure whilst not being formulaic, and due to this will be relevant for a long time.

This list was generated through IMDB ratings, general reception from fans, and this writer's own opinion. It will contain spoilers for the episodes discussed.


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