10 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Of The Last Decade

10. The Flash

The Flash Season 6
The CW

2014 saw the debut of Barry Allen and Flash, with CW hosting the show before Sky got hold of it over in the UK.

A spin-off from Arrow, Flash has done an excellent job of bringing some light-hearted fun to a series and character that hadn't been explored too much in the past.

A lot of DC's work over previous decades has centred on Batman. But with Arrow and Flash now well-established TV shows, we might well see even more exploration of the DC Universe in the next ten years.

The acting might not be the best we have ever seen but with Flash, you get a show that appeals to younger audiences as well as the older generation.

Now in its sixth season, Flash continues to deliver and will no doubt get a seventh instalment at some point down the line.

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