10 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Returning This Year

Sci-Fi TV has never looked so good...

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The science fiction genre has dazzled audiences, viewers and readers for decades now. It's not constrained to space or time and, as a result, it's pretty timeless itself. And in all honesty, it's easy to see why.

Everybody loves a bit of sci-fi, simply because it poses us with questions outside of the box and if its really adventurous (a.k.a. the budget allows for it), it can provide us with some pretty sweet visuals . And even though some of the best stories in said genre are on the big screen, sci-fi has a second home on the small one.

The modern age has been very kind to sci-fi shows because the evolution of television has allowed long-form storytelling to provide viewers with deeper narratives (the likes of which we usually saw on film) while improved special effects pave the way for mind-boggling sights worthy of their concept.

With each year that passes, the television landscape is introduced to new and exciting cutting-edge science fiction shows, but that doesn't mean we should forget the ones that we we're already watching.

On that note, 2020 will see the return of quite a few of our favourite sci-fi series. Let's find out which ones...

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