10 Best Sitcom Duos

Because what's a person without their bestie?

Friends Joey And Chandler

As the old adage goes, "good things come in pairs".

When watching a sitcom, you're going to see a lot of recurring themes. Whether it's a specific plotline, certain character types or a particular style of dialogue, it's safe to say that show creators have cracked many codes in TV and like to stick to them.

One of the most common of these tropes is the idea of a strong friendship, turning two characters into a full-on duo. This is a perfect way to develop two figures in one fell swoop, as they can play off each other, and their chemistry can lead to some incredibly funny moments.

There have, of course, been tonnes of wonderful pairings in the sitcom world, and in many cases, they have become one of the most popular things about the show. Still, the following ten are the absolute cream of the crop, as they forged great friendships, made us laugh and taught you that having someone's back leads to barrels of fun.


This list won't be including romantic couples, instead it will celebrate those awesome platonic relationships that showed how important the power of friendship is.

10. Ann And Leslie - Parks & Recreation

Friends Joey And Chandler

If there's one thing you can say about Leslie Knope, it's that once she sets her mind to something, nothing in the universe can stop her. Thus, after she decided she loved Ann, there was no power in existence that could stop them from becoming besties for life.

These two were a bright spot in Parks and Recreation, a show that was already filled to the brim with wholesome friendships. They met after Ann started to advocate for the pit outside her house to be filled in, and from there, they blossomed.

It may have started through a project - as most Leslie Knope things do - but as they got to know each other, they realised just how much they had in common.

Part of what makes this duo stand out is their closeness. The two have no problem being over-the-top about their devotion to each other, with gifts and compliments galore, giving you a charming look at how much they mean to one another.

They're not the only Parks and Rec characters to be worthy of this list (Ron and April also deserve mention), but their tightly-knit love stands tallest among the residents of Pawnee.


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