10 Best Songs Used By The Walking Dead

7. "Oats in the Water" - Ben Howard


Shortly before the Governor would go on to take his head from his shoulders, everyone's favorite one-legged veterinarian spent the episode "Internment" risking his life to save a number of the survivors afflicted by the virus that had started ravaging the prison. Ultimately, more lives are lost than saved, with Hershel breaking down into tears when seeking the Bible for comfort, but his efforts and determination proved yet again how vital Hershel was to the group.

Accompanying the sequence near the end of the episode, which includes the aforementioned moment when Hershel breaks down, is Ben Howard's song. Not only is the beat a perfect wind down to the tense, action-packed events leading up to it, but even the lyrics speak for Hershel's character as a man willing to take the difficult path if it means doing the right thing. In some ways, it's a somber choice considering Hershel would exit the series so soon after, but it still acts as a suitably thematic song for how much the character had evolved since season two.


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