10 Best Sons Of Anarchy Characters Who Only Appeared In One Episode

Brief and glorious or an excellent cameo, here are ten fleeting Sons of Anarchy characters for us.

Stephen King Sons of Anarchy

Given the brutal nature of Kurt Sutter's Hamlet-on-Harleys saga 'Sons of Anarchy', it's pretty understandable that you wouldn't want to hang around there for particularly long. With drug cartels, rival street-gangs and the grandiose perils of the open road all playing out before them, the characters who inhabit Charming (and Santo Padre, to plug the new spin-off 'Mayans MC') are either quick, dead or very lucky.

There are seven seasons of brotherhood and family-based drama, where the patch you wear is the most important thing in your life and your loyalties to the Club come first and foremost. Seven seasons of increasing body-counts, desperate deals and engine fumes, seven seasons of blood, sweat and oil. For those who touch briefly into that world, there's no guarantee that your brush with the life of the outlaw will leave you unscathed.

So, be they fleeting love interests, pivotal flashes into someone's backstory or simply a piece of amusing stunt-casting, here are the best ten characters that only had one appearance in Sons of Anarchy. See if you agree, or see if you think there's someone missing.

10. Susie (Mircea Monroe)

Stephen King Sons of Anarchy

Susie appeared briefly at a gas station with her unwise boyfriend in Nevada. While Jax, Clay and the Sons are heading to the Indian Hill clubhouse of the friendly Devil's Tribe biker gang (for one of their all-too common drinking parties), they stop for twizzlers and cigarettes and the boyfriend figures that it would a great idea to pose for some photos on the bikes of the Sons. This would qualify as a very poor decision.

When Jax and his friends return, they quietly take the boyfriend to one side, teach him not to touch another man's bike (through the medium of broken nose) and then swiftly suggest to Susie that she might enjoy coming with them, instead. Susie mounts up with the Sons and goes to Indian Hills, where she witnesses the Devil's Tribe being patched over, a biker tradition where those bikers are inducted wholesale into the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle club.

Susie stays with the newly formed Indian Hills Sons chapter, but she and Jax share a night of passion before he leaves, the photographic evidence of which is used by obsessive ATF agent Josh Kohn to drive a wedge between Jax and his future wife, Tara.


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