10 Best South Park Celebrity Cameos

When the show isn't scorching the earth, it's giving us memorable collaborations like these.

Comedy Central

South Park has been on the air for a long time. Over 23 years, 23 seasons, and 307 episodes, the series - arguably the crown jewel of Comedy Central - has lampooned a whole slew of celebrities. These jokes have ranged from gentle, good-natured ribbings to catastrophic takedowns that resulted in scorn, feuds, and the occasional attempted lawsuit.

With that sort of track record, you'd figure that no celebrity would want to be involved with the show at all, since - as the whole Isaac Hayes/Scientology fiasco proved - the creators of South Park won't refrain from going after you just because you work together.

As it turns out, though, quite a few celebrities have popped in to make cameos here and there. Some of them have been more subtle (unrecognizable to the point of pointlessness, I dare say), while others slap you in the face with their obviousness.

Regardless of their degree of conspicuousness, they're all fun, and they're all a testament to just how enduring and beloved South Park is. Let's look at some of the best, shall we?


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