10 Best TV Characters Who Only Appear In One Scene

They weren't there long, but these TV characters made quite the impression in just one scene.

Friends Robin Williams

The history of television has offered us some of the finest fleeting characters ever to grace the business of show, with one-off dastardly villains, admirable heroes, and every personality in-between managing to steal a single episode time and time again over the many decades of on-screen goodness.

But managing to immortalise yourself through a compelling character arc that stretches across one whole entry of a series is one rather impressive thing, achieving that same remarkable feat in just a single scene is a whole different ball game, my friends.

Yet, it is a feat that has somehow been pulled off by a whole host of talented thespians in many a varied genre, ranging from big budget, fantastical epics to animated laugh-riots, with their stellar work in just one sequence arguably overshadowing all that came before or after them during the episode in question.

From iconic one-liner-a-minute tour de forces, to award winning show-stealers, these characters weren't here to play games or be quickly discarded. They wanted their five minutes of fame, and in doing so they became the stuff of small screen legend.

10. The Mad King - Game Of Thrones

Friends Robin Williams

The history of "The Mad King" Aerys II Targaryen was one that reverberated around Westeros long after he was dramatically cut down by Jaime Lannister. Though the act itself took place many years before we met the numerous families calling the Seven Kingdoms home, Aerys and his insanity during his later years was routinely referenced by Game of Throne's various faces as time went by.

Yet, for all of the stories and tales, including the aforementioned Jaime's moving bathtub tale of the moment he stabbed the wildfire-obsessed king in the back, we'd never actually witnessed the infamous Targaryen on our screens in all his incestuous madness.

That all changed in Season 6, however. When Bran Stark took a detailed look into the past as he fled some White Walkers, we were suddenly treated to the scene that Jaime had described all those years before. Here, Aerys (David Rintour) is seen screaming "Burn them all!" as he sits on the Iron Throne and during his eventual killing at the hands of the knight. It may have been brief, but these brief flickers of history finally gave us a face and visual to put to those many nutty tales of a fallen king.


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