10 Best TV Series Based On Horror Movies

What do you do when there is too much horror to fit into just a film?


Horror films often provide great source material for television shows. They are exciting, have larger than life characters, and often have interesting mythology or back stories to them that cannot be fully explored in the duration of a film.

Some shows expand on a premise that while good, was not fully developed in the film, and take the story into a more expanded universe. This can quite often involve discovering more details about secondary characters who proved to be popular with the fans and bringing them to the forefront.

Other films had a great idea but executed it poorly so remaking it into a television show is a chance to get it right and try again by improving on the original. This has often led to shows becoming hits while few people remember the film that inspired it.

TV shows are also frequently used to delve into the origin of a story, explaining details that the film didn’t have the opportunity to answer.

They can flesh out characters to show what happened to them to turn them into who we know from the film. There is also the scope to show what happened after the film ended, answering plot holes or cliff-hangers.

Here are some of the best TV series that are based on horror movies (warning: spoilers!).

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