10 Best TV Shows About Football

The best shows on the beautiful game.


Football is, to the uninitiated outsiders at least, a remarkably simple game. Two teams of eleven players attempt to kick a leather ball into a goal, with the team that is able to do that more being declared the winner. When it's put like that, it's hard to imagine anyone being able to conjure up a story long enough to even fill out a simple half an hour slot on a TV guide.

Luckily for football fans, the beautiful game is so much more than that.

Football is a game of poetic storylines and talented characters that fans either regard as their heroes or the worst villains on the planet. This has naturally translated itself on the big screen with several great releases over the years, however there have been plenty of equally brilliant titles released for the smaller screen of television.

From colourful characters, powerful stories from grassroots level to the upper reaches of the world's most elite competitions, and juicy documentaries that lift the lid on the changing room antics that are usually kept away from the fans, here are the ten best TV shows about football.

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