10 Best TV Shows Due To Return In 2018

2. Fear The Walking Dead


Like Better Call Saul, Fear The Walking Dead has established itself as a spinoff series that more than lives up to its parent show. In fact, some fans claim it even surpassed The Walking Dead during its stellar third season.

The second half of Season 3 was an absolute bloodbath that thinned the herd and left the fate of several key characters uncertain. No doubt series 4 will deal with some of those loose ends when it returns in April, but plot details beyond that are sparse.

One thing that has been confirmed, though, is the addition of Lennie James to Fear The Walking Dead's cast. He will be reprising his role as Morgan Jones from the parent show in an exciting crossover storyline.

Although Season 3 was widely regarded as a high point for the spinoff, Dave Erickson has stepped down as showrunner to be replaced by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, so there's always a chance the show could head in a new direction.


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