10 Biggest Plot Holes In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

We all love Buffy's adventures, but sometimes they don't make sense...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Rupert Giles
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer looks like a disaster on paper. A story about a teenage girl battling the forces of evil in a town called Sunnydale is a bizarre premise that some struggle to take seriously.

But thanks to an exceptionally talented team of writers, this unique show was a huge success and remains popular today. Though some seasons are certainly better than others, there are only a handful of bad episodes. Most of the time, Buffy’s adventures are loaded with gripping storylines, satisfying character arcs, and fascinating villains.

Occasionally, however, the show is tarnished by a plot hole, and this is hardly surprising given there are almost 150 episodes. These plot holes often arise in the form of inconsistencies that Buffy fans are quick to notice. And there’s also a number of plot holes that are simply nonsensical. They leave us scratching our heads, unable to understand why something has or hasn’t happened.

When watching Buffy for the first time, these plot holes can tarnish the experience a little bit. But once you’ve become accustomed to them, they actually make the show more entertaining.

10. Buffy Has More Than One Birthday

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Rupert Giles
Mutant Enemy Productions

In 1997, Buffy arrives at Sunnydale High as a sophomore student and turns sixteen by the end of the show’s first season – at least in theory.

In ‘I Robot…You Jane’, there’s a major blunder involving Buffy’s birthday. When a demon called Moloch starts investigating Buffy, he finds her school profile and her birthday: 24th October 1980. Seconds later, Fritz looks at the very same profile, and the date has changed to 6th May 1979. This is an obvious inconsistency, and the latter doesn’t even make sense – Buffy’s not meant to be seventeen until the next season.

To make matters worse, even the first date is wrong. Officially – and Joss Whedon has confirmed this – Buffy’s birthday is 19th January 1981, which aligns with the birthday episodes in the other six seasons.

But this still doesn’t explain what happened in the first season. Somehow, they managed to mess up Buffy’s birthday twice in the same episode.


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