10 Biggest TV Scandals Of 2015

Who knew licking a doughnut could be so controversial?

2015 is nearly a wrap, and it has been an interesting, bizarre and regretfully enlightening year for television personalities. While celebrity scandals certainly have no cultural exclusivity to this year or even decade, the age of the internet has provided the public consumer with oh-so-much access to the missteps, rivalries and career-killing gaffes of our small screen icons.

These scandals range from risky and debatable triumphs to flat-out humiliating expositions. There is little doubt that reality TV blurs the legitimacy of a good deal of gossip, but even in the most over-produced of entertainment landscapes, some nuggets of true conflict can be found.

This isn€™t about how so-and-so was mad about something Justin Bieber re-tweeted about the VMAs or how Miley Cyrus responded to someone calling her slutty on Instagram. Rather, we are looking into the events that shine light on the more €œcharming€ aspects of human nature. Deception, sexual perversions, addiction, simple bad manners and total lack of give-a-damns are the order of the day as we sit back and re-visit television€™s most scandalous deeds of 2015€so far.


George is the co-founder of Box Office Gold Productions. He is an actor, writer, CrossFit trainer and former WWE storyline writer. He currently resides in the birthplace of the zombie movie, Pittsburgh, PA.