10 Breaking Bad Characters Who Play Smaller, But Crucial Roles

It's not ALL Walt's fault...


The story of Jesse Pinkman and the aftermath of his long-awaited freedom from the clutches of Todd and his gang in El Camino has just released and has been met with mainly favourable reviews.

However, El Camino has also definitely whet the appetite of Breaking Bad fans when it comes to re-watching the series.

One of the things which come to light when you do re-watch Vince Gilligan's epic is the number of details you might have missed. Whether that be in the form of small 'easter eggs' in the show, or in terms of people who you might have forgotten were even in it in the first place.

Characters like Walt and Jesse dominate proceedings, while the likes of Gus, Mike, Skyler, and Hank all play huge roles in how the story pans out.

However, there's a wide selection of players within the Breaking Bad story who don't quite get the screen-time of others but still have a massive impact on how storylines, scenes, or key characters.

It's one of the great things about the show in that so many people and small aspects interlink to all form crucial elements of the story, starting with this unlikeable chap...

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