10 Buffy & Angel Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Whedon's the master of hiding little "gifts" in his shows.

Easter eggs are little in jokes and references that only fans of a property will really recognize most of the time. A number of television shows feature them (Fringe has several, including a nod or two to The X-Files). Buffy and Angel, however, are just full of them. That's not surprising. Buffy and Angel's writing team, and production company Mutant Enemy, were some of the most meticulous planners around, often plotting episodes (or at least plot points) years in advance. To put that in comparison, many shows are just write-as-you-go, down-to-the-wire productions with scripts coming in just weeks in advance of episodes shooting. And while Buffy had its share of last minute changes, the forethought of the writers was simply unparalleled in prime time television at the time (and for the most part, since). A large part of that can be laid at the feet of series mastermind and cult television genius Joss Whedon. While these days he's heading up The Avengers franchise on the big screen, Whedon will always be best known for television: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, heck even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (though it could definitely use a more hands-on approach from Whedon). Whedon's a bit of an eccentric genius when it comes to television: he is a master at mixing comedy and dramatic tension, and loves to leave hints and clues to upcoming events throughout his episodes. He'll sometimes go off the wall wacky, but he's not afraid to mess with what the fan's want, and break their hearts. And he's really good at the easter egg thing. So lets take a look at ten Buffy and Angel easter eggs you might have missed.

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