10 Buffy Moments That Hit You Hard

For a "teen drama" it had some very painful, adult moments.

Buffy S6
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is perhaps one of the most beloved shows of its time, and the fact that it's still discussed and dissected today, long after its creator and stars have moved on, is a credit to how painstakingly it was crafted. With storylines often dreamed up years in advance, Buffy was a show that lured fans in by outright deceiving them:  here, come watch this irreverent teen drama full of quips and pop culture references. Now, stay for the serious drama, character building, and life lessons at heart of the show.

It's an impressive feat for a television show with a silly title and even more ridiculous premise. Yet it worked, thanks in no small part to creator Joss Whedon's ability to create characters who resonated with the audience, and decision to use a supernatural backdrop as a way of studying the human condition. The tale of Buffy is a coming of age tale - and no coming of age tale is complete without some hard hitting, gut wrenching, heartbreaking moments.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is no exception.

From lost loved ones to lost lovers, disease to demons, personal tragedy and worldwide calamity, Buffy had more than its share of hard-hitting moments. Yet those grounded in reality, such as it was on the show, were often the most moving. Here are the ten that hit you hardest.

10. Cassie Can't Be Saved

Buffy S6
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In season seven's Help, Azura Skye (who has the best name this side of porn) appears as Cassie Newton, a student at Sunnydale High who has psychic powers and who is convinced she's going to die. Soon. She takes that belief to new Sunnydale High counselor Buffy on the Slayer's very first day at her new job, making what should be a transitional period much more frantic.

Buffy, of course, buckles down and sets out to save Cassie, as does the rest of the gang. Which is nothing less than you'd expect from the Scoobies by the final season of the show - but it's even more heartwarming because Cassie is a character you generally can't help but like. She's sweet if sad, and she seems like she would be a great addition to the group. You almost peg her as a future member of the gang.

So it's heart-wrenching when it turns out that Cassie can't be saved in the end. It's no mystical, magical calamity that claims her - but a congenital heart defect.


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