10 Cancelled TV Shows That Totally Deserve A Ripper Street Resurrection

After Ripper Street was renewed by Amazon, we take a look at what other cancelled series could do with a similar stroke of luck. And yes, fret not – Firefly's here.

It€™s always a sad moment when one of your favourite television shows bites the bullet. In many cases the series will have just come to a natural conclusion. Allowing a series to run its course to a planned ending leaves viewers satisfied and lets writers, producers and actors move onto new projects. Despite the fact that you€™ll never get any new episodes you are happy that you got to see your beloved characters reach the end of their journey. But sometimes that isn€™t exactly what happens. Instead studios decide to cancel programmes right in the middle of production, leaving unintended cliff hangers. Outrage usually ensues as people are left with unanswered questions and partially developed characters. In the past there would be almost no hope of saviour. Once the TV execs had made up their minds, that was that. However times have changed. Amazon announced yesterday that they would be producing a third series of Ripper Street for their on demand video service. They had seen how fans reacted to its cancellation and chosen to carry it on themselves. This isn€™t an isolated incident either. Netflix have already brought back the highly praised Arrested Development and have been in discussions to revive others. So now the possibility arises that shows that have been cruelly ended can be brought back to life. With that in mind we€™ve taken a look back at10 other cancelled shows that we hope can pull a Lazarus.

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