10 Characters Who Must Return For 24: Live Another Day

9. Allison Taylor

24 Cherry Jones' President Taylor was a breath of fresh air on 24; a real female voice who wouldn't be talked down by her male superiors, largely because she didn't have any - she was the freaking leader of the free world! Distinguished as many to be essentially a female version of David Palmer, owing to her idealism and good nature, she's one of the few likable authoritarian figures across the entire show's run, even if she nearly lost her way in season 8 by agreeing to help take part in a cover-up. Still, her good conscience won out in the end, and though she ended up resigning and presumably surrendering herself to the Attorney General, there's absolutely no way that legal action would have been taken against her; if Nixon can get away with far worse, she'll be fine. Though she wouldn't be the President in Live Another Day, it'd be great to see what she's up to now, perhaps working as some sort of activist or lobbyist.
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