10 Classic Cartoon Network Shows They Need To Revive

1314642780139_DextersLaboratory_2x1_590_295 Growing up as a kid in the '90s my life revolved around nothing more than video games and cartoons. One of the greatest cartoon channels I can remember is Cartoon Network with its plethora of classic cartoons that, when looking back, were even more amazing now than they were then. It's a shame however that there are a lack of good cartoons nowadays for kids to actually watch. Granted that some of these shows have went into syndication, they are that excellent that they warrant being completely revived for brand new episodes. Here we count down 10 of the classic cartoons that Cartoon Network should revive for the kids of today.

10. Fat Dog Mendoza

fat-dog Fat Dog was quite weird, but it had a really catchy theme song that I still remember to this day. It featured a morbidly obese dog called Mendoza, who was that fat he was nothing more than a huge, round ball with stumpy legs. The show itself focused on Fat Dog trying to fight crime around the fictional town called Neighborhood X, along with kids from the neighborhood who included Little Costume Boy, Onion Boy and Piranha Mae.
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