10 Completely Insulting TV Plot Twists

Swing and a miss, TV writers.


Anybody remember St. Elsewhere? The medical drama/black comedy combination ran for six seasons in the 1980s. Of course, what it's really remembered for is its ending. The whole series actually happened entirely within the imagination of an autistic child, essentially slapping the faces of every devoted viewer in one fell swoop with a horrible and completely unnecessary plot twist.

It likely wasn't the first TV show to feature a moment designed to shock the audience but instead enrage them, and it certainly wasn't the last. The rise of the "golden era" of television has meant that shows have, in many cases, reached the same level of quality as the highly revered film industry.

Obviously filling up anywhere between ten to twenty five hours of air time is no easy feat. So it's certainly understandable that creators and writers might resort to a shocking twist in order to hold their viewer's attention.

Of course, for every awesome plot twist, there's a dozen that just aren't all that shocking. And then there's the select few that straight up insult the fans.

Whether it be through underestimating their intelligence, an unsatisfying payoff, or a complete subversion of the entire show, the entries on this list never should have made it past the brainstorming phase.

Also, massive spoilers are incoming. You have been warned.

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