10 Confusing Game Of Thrones Moments Nobody Understands

10. Jon Sends Sam Away


Let's do a little thought excercise. Imagine you're a young, talented soldier and have risen swiftly to the very top of your profession. The leader of your squadron, if you will. Let's imagine that the rest of the group is largely filled with set-in-their-ways old men who are, to put it mildly, distrustful of you.

Now let's imagine that one of your first act as leader is to open the doors of your fortress to the very people you are meant to be fighting, which further alienates the rest of your group. Mutiny is very much in the air.

In this scenario, what would you decide to do with your only remaining friend and ally? Would you keep him by your side, knowing that without at least one person to defend you you will at the mercy of a group of men who may well be planning to kill you? Or would you send him far away so he could get an education?

If you answered "send him far away" then you are Jon Snow, and you've just ensured your own demise by sending Samwell Tarly away from Castle Black. Totally isolated, it wasn't long until Snow was killed by the rest of the Watch, making Jon's decision to keep his enemies close and his friends impossibly distant all the more confusing.


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