10 Coolest Guns In Anime History

Does anime have the best weapons across any medium?

Vash the Stampede

Anime has a certain flair for style. With unique personalities, hairstyles, and clothing, that can be considered eccentric at times, the medium can be very visually appealing.

However, aside from the radically spiky, multicoloured hair and the extreme outfits (or lack thereof – looking at you, Kill La Kill), the attention to unique style and individuality extends further than the characters.

This can come in the form of unique character abilities or skills, and can even be represented in props used by characters. Adding personal flair to weapons is a quick way to cement a character’s proficiency with said weapon, and to tailor an otherwise common or mundane tool specifically for the user.

There are plenty examples of these kinds of weapons, but this time around, we’ll focus on some of the coolest guns you can find in anime history.

10. Yoko's Rifle - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Vash the Stampede

The rifle wielded by Yoko Littner is a large-caliber weapon that primarily uses uranium bullets. Not much is known about this gun (heck, it doesn’t even seem to have an official name), but its popularity due to the character it belongs to has made the rifle iconic in its own right.

The weapon was built to take down enemy Gunmen (giant mech suits) and has been shown doing just that on numerous occasions. Even though the rifle has a scope on the body, it has commonly been used in close-range.

The aesthetics of Yoko's weapon in comparison to her character design works incredibly well, too. Standing almost as tall (if not taller) than Littner herself, the rifle boasts a heavy-duty, military design which compliments Yoko’s backstory, as well as solidifies her skill and ability with such a beastly piece of equipment.

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