10 Craziest Fan Theories About American Dad

Wait, so Roger really isn't from outer space?

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American Dad is one of the most successful series to come from Seth MacFarlane. The animated comedy focuses on the Smith family as they live out their crazy and wacky lives as a middle class family in Langley Falls.

However, while MacFarlane voices the two main characters in CIA agent Stan Smith and the alcoholic alien Roger, the show has a different creative direction to its sibling series. Focusing more on storylines rather than cutaway gags, American Dad centres around the characters going on wild adventures and dealing with often outlandish takes on real world issues.

From Stan Smith's exploits as an agent for the CIA, to Roger's wild personas wreaking havoc on the town of Langley Falls, there is always a sense of adventure and fun to be had with the diverse cast of colourful characters.

Like every television series, there are a number of fan theories surrounding the series. While some theories may be extremely unlikely, others are so crazy they may be true. From theories explaining the wackier episodes, to those that suggest Roger is not who he claims to be, these are the some of the craziest theories about American Dad.

10. Avery Bullock Is Susie Swanson

Family Guy and American Dad have consistently showcased that they are within the same universe. This would indicate that Stan Smith, Avery Bullock and the CIA as depicted in American Dad exists within the Family Guy universe. As discussed by WickedBinge, it is highly possible that Susie Swanson (the daughter of Joe and Bonnie) is actually an avatar from the CIA used by Avery Bullock.

In American Dad's seventh season episode titled Virtual In-Stanity, (Season 7, Episode 5) the show explores the CIA's use of avatars. Avatars are motion controlled by the CIA, with Bullock even revealing that one of his avatars is a baby that he poses as for personal reasons.

While that may not be enough to believe the theory to be true, the voice of Susie's inner monologue is none other than Patrick Stewart, who also voices Avery Bullock. It also is not very hard to believe then that Bullock would have more than one baby avatar to utilise in order to meet his sexual desires.

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