10 Craziest Friends Characters

The crazy ones are always the most unforgettable.

Eddie Friends2 600x300 €˜Friends€™ is without doubt one of the most successful and best loved TV shows ever. Based around a group of six friends in their early twenties dealing with the issues and dilemmas that surround growing up, the show has achieved not only worldwide praise and acknowledgement but has even made its mark on world culture in general. From imitable catchphrases to trendsetting hairstyles, €˜Friends€™ captivated an entire generation of people. Through its countless reruns on channels such as E4 and most recently Comedy Central, the show€™s popularity has rarely dwindled and this only goes to show that €˜Friends€™ is still as relevant now as it ever has been. A main factor towards the popularity of €˜Friends€™ is the bond and the chemistry between each of the main characters, being one of the first sit-coms to have not one central character but many. Think 'Seinfeld', 'Frasier', 'Roseanne'; all of these shows centred around a single character that was the core of the show. 'Friends' however, had six equally important central characters. The creators and actors themselves put a lot of effort in to maintain the equal importance of each individual character, and this was vital in the overall impact of the show. Despite its focus on Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross, the show just wouldn€™t be the same without its quirky bit part characters. The awkward dates, the work colleagues, the odd family members. These are just some of the crazy characters that have helped make 'Friends' a unique and memorable TV show.

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