10 Craziest Things That Happened After Buffy The Vampire Slayer's TV Series Ended

If you thought Buffy got crazy in the TV years, you haven't seen anything yet!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Xander Dawn
Dark Horse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was well known for taking its audience on a wild ride through its seven televised seasons. From vampires and demons, to Gods threatening the end of all reality, Buffy had some insane storylines. Some of which worked, and others which fans would rather forget.

In Buffy's final TV season we saw the Slayer activate every "potential" to actually become a Slayer before destroying Sunnydale and driving off into the sunset. It felt like a big, grand finale that wrapped up enough but it also left things wide open for more stories in that universe.

There were enormous questions left over, like how would the world deal with so many Slayers, and would all of these Slayers be good? The comics came along to answer those questions and explore the Buffyverse at a time when the characters are at their strongest.

Without the restraint of a TV budget and with a lot of ground to cover, creators were given free reign to go off in wild directions and do things that had never been done before. Let's face it, things got CRAZY!

In recent years, since Boom Comics have taken control, we've seen multiverses, the World Without Shrimp, an old Buffy, the Last Vampire Slayer and even Willow taking on the role of Slayer.

This list will focus on the Dark Horse comics which wrapped up the "classic" Buffy series between season eight and 12.

10. Archaeus And His Bloodline

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Xander Dawn
Dark Horse

During season ten we meet Archaeus, an ancient demon who was created by Maloker, the "Old One" who created the first vampire. Archaeus went on to make his own bloodline of vampires which eventually led down to The Master, Darla, Angel, Drusilla and Spike.

When Spike begins to have dangerous visions of himself murdering people, it eventually turns out that he's just seeing visions planted in his head by Archaeus who can maintain some control of those who share his bloodline.

Archaeus played his part in Buffy season ten before fleeing from a battle, which then saw him transfer over into Angel and Faith season ten where his sinister plots to take control continue over in Magic Town.

The demon was definitely one of the coolest and creepiest concepts in the comic series. The fact that he became a big bad across both seasons of Buffy and Angel, only proves how great a character he was. Not to mention one of the scariest looking with his giant hooves, spindly, bony spines that protruded from his back like spider legs and that horrid, creepy face.


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